Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Looking through a very old diary tonight, i found a poem i'd once written tucked inside. I very rarely write poetry. Like i've probably written two or three outside high school english in my entire life, so i'm surprised i even found it. It's dated October 2008.

I cry inside as she opens her mind to me,
Wishing i had the key to lock closed her room filled with hurt,
and confusion.
She embraces me, maintaining the invisible wall between our bodies.
I yearn for her to trust me,
to feel safe.
I force myself to hide the tears that well up in my eyes every time she leaves me.
Disconnected from my safe embrace,
my selfish peace of mind.
And i warmly smile to this precious friend of mine.
Well aware that my smile would be half the painful act her's must be.
I care for her more than she imagines.

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