Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Oh such a touchy topic

"When one person is dillusioned, it is known as insanity.
When a group of people are dillusioned, it is know as a religion."

Tuesday, April 14, 2009


saturday, the 18th of April 2009, 1:31pm.
i should be at work right now, slaving away at the checkout, almost falling asleep at how repetitive and relatively brainless my work has become after the good three and a half years of it. but i'm not, because i'm feeling absolutely horrible. i seriously don't think i've felt this sore of a throat in my life. my immune system shits me. i hardly ever get sick, like ever. for months and months i will be of perfect health. but then if i do get sick, it's always a good smack in the head, and put's me out of action for a solid few days. great, can't wait for the next few days of bed..
i want company. someone to just come sit in silence with me.


"Life is a great big canvas, and you should throw on it all the paint that you can."


We sit here, typing up the perfect black letters. Regardless of the account username, the password you choose, the age you indicate, or any of the other relatively worthless variables, we are all given a white box. Ready for our ideas to be comprehended into words. 

We have the ability to spend as long as we desire to manipulate our wording, to change the structure of each paragraph, of each sentence, of each word. Each decision we make, every individual letter that we specifically choose is representing our impulses of thoughts.

And how frustrating it is to me, that no matter how much time i spend trying to translate my thoughts, i never quite seem to have the ability to translate them perfectly. And i probably never will.