Wednesday, July 22, 2009

.ju bm l.ed

Sometimes i get so caught up in the way people act/react in particular situations while moulding my opinion of them that i become unable to differentiate between whether people are acting how they would act regardless of the variables, or whether they are trying to act/react how they perceive that i would like them to.
This is something that i think everyone subconciously does day in day out, myself included. We act the way that we think we should, we follow social norms, possibly act to impress...etcetera
The problem with this is that it gives false impressions of who we are. Sure it may make you well liked for a period of time by a particular person, but in the long run, i think we end up at square one. Back to our normal self. The normal actions and reactions that we would undertake regardless of the variable, simply because a false act is too hard to maintain. And we end up disappointing others, followed by ourselves. Yet we put ourselves through it all the time.

I'm sorry for the jumbled thoughs, they came out of nowhere.

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