Friday, October 9, 2009

Thinking about this happening before it did, i considered how i'd react, and i didn't like it.
And now that it has happened, it's even harder to deal with than i imagined.
I didn't realise i would cry this much.
I didn't realise that every time i would go out i would scan every face in the hope that it was you.
I didn't realise that i'd wake up crying after dreaming about you.
I didn't realise that i wouldn't be able to 100% enjoy myself anywhere that i go because in the back of my mind i'd always think about how much i miss you, and us.
Any death is horrible. This death is not a physical passing. But still a death.
An end of the relationship... and the longing hurts all the time.
If you only knew.
If you only cared.