Thursday, October 15, 2009

I'm very emotionally unstable.
I'll finally feel okay, strong, stable and under control for a little while, and then just when i almost forget my worries, another brick will be thrown and will remind me, and then i'm stopped again... unable to move forward. Stuck will all these questions, uncertainty, and feelings of foolishness.
I'm sick of being thrown around by you, but for some reason i care for you too much that i continue to stick around and spill the tears with a hope that you do care for me the way that i care for you.
The thought of you not caring may hurt more than this is hurting now - I don't know.

A less depressive note:
'Your guardian angel - the red jumpsuit apparatus' is a song that i always randomly come across on my ipod or the computer and realise how much i appreciate it. I think it might be my favourite song.

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