Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Throwing up is one of the worst feelings

So i'm sorry that i haven't been blogging lately, it's because i've been feeling (physically) like absolute shit. I've had hardly any energy, so have basically been sleeping as much as i can, and when i am awake i'm usually in bed listening to my ipod and playing tetris on my phone until i get tired again. I haven't had much of an apetite which is very unusual for me, haha.
So anyway, here's a recap of my last 48 hours or so...
Wednesday: Woke up with a bit of a sore throat. Had a long shower. Made myself a hot milo and had four or five sips and then gave up on it. Had some neurofen and panadol and sat around the house until the pain finally started to ease. Got hungry so had vegemite on toast with a glass of lemonade. The siblings came home from school and mum came home from a day out at her friend's place and i told her that i think i have toncilitis. Went to the doctor and the doctor said that i do have toncilitis. Got a script and then antibiotics from the chemist. Mum tried to cheer me up by offering to make chicken burgers for dinner which is one of my favourite meals. This excited me.
When the chicken burgers were ready i was so happy and so hungry. They tasted so, so amazing! I ate a giant chicken burger, which is the usual amount that i would eat, but given the situation, it was huge considering that this one meal was probably close to the same amount of food that i've eaten combined for the last 3 or 4 days or so. After dinner i took my first dose of antibiotics and it was gross. The pill i had to swallow was huge! Like, i got mum to cut the pill in half for me, and each of the halves were probably the size of a neurofen plus, was horrible.
About two hours later i threw up, dinner and all. Was really, really horrible, and it was chicken burgers, one of my favs! :(
Made myself spaghetti on toast once my stomach settled as i now was hungry again and then took some neurofen before heading to bed for the night.
Woke up this morning with the worst throat. It was like sandpaper and almost made me cry with each attempt at swallowing my own saliva. I battled with myself to try and fall back to sleep, but failed, and ended up hauling myself out of bed to the kitchen to take some neurofen to hopefully ease the agony.
I poured myself a glass of water from the tap and took a sip. It simultaneously hurt and felt good on my throat. I popped a neurofen and swallowed it down with water. About ten seconds later i felt my stomach turn... and before i knew it, i was throwing up. There wasn't really much to throw up, just slimy, mucus-looking, yuck stuff. It was very acidic and hurt like hell. So i cried for a bit and eventually ended up eating a piece of toast with vegemite and drinking a glass of lemonade before forcing myself to take my antibiotics. Thankfully my body kept them down.
So there we have it, my reason behind the lack of blogging, although i suppose it is the fuel to my blog for today.
Er whatever it is, i'm too drugged up to comprehend it.
I hope you're having a better time than i am recently :)

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