Saturday, August 8, 2009

It just occurred to me how easily irritated my family can make me. Small, tedious things make me so so agitated sometimes. One example is the sound that is made when teeth hit a spoon. EVERYONE in my family (so five other people), bar me, sound like they "bite" the spoon when the eat their cereal, and i can't stand the sound of it. As soon as i hear it happen once i wait for the next scoopful of cereal to enter their mouth, and without fail, they will allow their teeth to hit the spoon. It is not even a big deal but it annoys me so, so much.
Another silly thing that gets me going is when my mother eats particular foods. She will come up into the study with a few snacks, right where the desktop computer is, and get comfortable on the spare bed that we have in here, and turn the tv on. Note: I don't even notice these doings as i'm happily minding my own business, lurking the wonderful world of the internet, not disturbing anyone else in my household. So all of a sudden i'll hear this slow crunch of an apple. Okay. This could possibly have developed since the day that i decided that i hate apples, but that's another story for another day i suppose... ANYWAY, so this slow, horrible, crunching sound that sounds so loud that even itunes wouldn't defeat it, continues, and continues and continues. I try to ignore it, but i can't take it for too long, and the apple sounds like it must be the biggest apple in existance. So i turn around in my wheelie chair and have a look at the progress my mother has made in devouring the green apple. SHE IS ONLY HALF WAY. So i say, "Omg mum! That sounds so annoying, can't you just eat it quicker or something, it sounds so stupid! Crunch, crunch, crunch!" And she just laughs at me and continues eating, which only frustrates me more.
By the way, i am aware how ridiculious this sounds, but my family sure know how to shit me. It's possibly because there a so many of us in the house that there's basically no way to escape. I mean really, the house is only quiet between the hours of about 1am and 7am. So that's my sweet, sweet escape period. Ily sleep.

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