Friday, February 5, 2010

Easy or hard?
Sounds like a stupid question because it is a stupid question. Whether 'easy' means the quickest way or the way requiring the least amount of effort or even the way giving the greatest satisfaction during the process. If there were an easy way and a hard way in order to achieve the same outcome, anyone with half a brain would choose the easy way. Today really heightened my appreciation for easy company. Company that requires little extra effort other than being yourself to play, laugh, talk and to simply just be around.This being compared to being around company that small ideas and opinions clash with because of differences in thinking/morals, but even more so, varying levels of maturity and understanding And even the levels of willingness to try and be mature, to change and to compromise. Turning something that could potentially be easy in to something that becomes hard due to conflict or tension caused.
And we prefer to focus and excell at what we find easy, and turn away from things that form a continious pattern of negativity.

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